Solar Panel Dealers in Trivandrum

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Established in 2014, SEnSOL Technologies has rapidly become a leading provider of renewable energy solutions in Kerala and a prominent solar panel dealers in Trivandrum, India. Our primary focus is on delivering comprehensive ENERGY SOLUTIONS, with a special emphasis on harnessing the abundant potential of SOLAR ENERGY.

Driven by a vision of sustainable energy solutions for all, SEnSOL integrates state-of-the-art technology to capture both Electrical and Thermal energy from sunlight. We have earned recognition as a key player in the state, offering Solar power plants, solar devices, and Solar water heaters. SEnSOL proudly stands as a top dealer of Solar Panel Dealers in Trivandrum.

Covering the entire value chain, we engage in Design, Development, Marketing, Installation, and after-sale service of Renewable Energy devices. Our products are designed to be efficient, sustainable, and competitive, making us a trusted name in the industry. With a wide range of offerings, we empower our customers to save energy, reduce electricity bills, and embrace ENERGY FREEDOM.

At SEnSOL - Solar power systems Trivandrum, we bring the latest global technology to you in a cost-effective format that aligns with your unique energy-saving needs. Our goal is to make solar energy work on your terms, providing a seamless transition to sustainably power your life. Recognized as the No.1 Solar Panel dealers in Trivandrum and across Kerala, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in solar solutions that redefine how you experience and utilize energy.

Solar Panel Dealers in Trivandrum
solar products in trivandrum

“Installing a 1KW solar plant is equivalent to planting 2 trees in terms of carbon sequestration.” This was the inspiration behind the foundation of SEnSOL. During the late 1990’s, when I started my career as a solar professional, Renewable energy devices were expensive and not feasible for the general public. Today however, the tables have turned, the technology has grown, renewable energy has become more affordable and accessible, whereas the cost of fossil fuels has shot up to exorbitant levels.

The shift towards a renewable technology based energy system has immensely beneficial implications for the global economy and its progress. When I began my own venture into this field, my aim was to bring global technology to every home and integrate a sustainably powered lifestyle into our society. The future of humanity and the planet demands a reliable, affordable and decarbonized energy producing system and SEnSOL has so far been an excellent agent in supplying the same, making sustainable energy accessible to many.


Founder & CEO , SEnSOL Technologies

What we do

At SEnSOL we offer a wide variety of reliable, cost effective and sustainable solar energy products and other energy related solutions for your home and business.
Solar Panel Dealers in Trivandrum


Electricity from sunlight
Solar energy stands out as the most environmentally friendly and abundant renewable energy source accessible to us. India is endowed with high levels of solar insolation (4-7 kWh per sq. m per day.) Today’s technology allows us to capture this power and convert it for the day-to-day energy needs of public and commercial entities. Solar Photovoltaic (SPV), the technology of harnessing electricity from sunlight is growing rapidly. SEnSOL offers wide range of solar devices and solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications
Solar Panel Dealers in Trivandrum


Hot water Solutions
Solar thermal technologies are designed to absorb the sun’s heat and effectively transfer it for water heating purposes. Solar water heaters are said to have the fastest return on investment (ROI) in 2 to 4 years. By replacing a traditional water heater with a solar water heating system, households can significantly reduce their electricity or fuel expenses, leading to substantial savings on their bills. SEnSOL provides highly efficient and cost-effective Solar Water Heating Solutions.
Solar Panel Dealers in Trivandrum


Uninterrupted Power Supply
The Residential, industrial and service sector are most demanding for un-interrupted power. Power cuts can be uncomfortable for homes and a detrimental factor in the productivity of industries and service sectors. The brownouts or blackouts are a common trend in any urban or rural area. In order to fulfil their power backup requirements, every sector necessitates a standby power source. SEnSOL offers wide range of power backup solutions such as Inverters, UPS and storage batteries.

Guided by Purpose: Our Vision & Mission​

The cornerstone of our Vision lies in prioritizing Environmental Sustainability. We at SEnSOL are passionate about contributing to a world, which does not depend on power from fossil fuels. Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology across the country to conserve our environment and provide a clean, environment friendly and sustainable power supply.

Our Mission is to provide most adoptable, economic and latest technology solutions to our customers for addressing their energy needs, without any harm to the environment being the No.1 Solar Panel Dealers in Trivandrum .



Yes, solar panels can power your entire home. The size and capacity of the solar system can be customized based on your energy consumption needs. By carefully analyzing your electricity usage patterns, a solar professional can design a system that meets your requirements, whether it’s to cover a portion or all of your electricity needs.
Standard grid-tied solar panel systems are designed to shut off during power outages to protect utility workers working on the grid. However, if you require backup power during outages, you can consider adding a battery storage system to your solar setup. A battery storage system stores excess energy generated by your solar panels, allowing you to use it during outages or at night when the panels are not producing electricity.
Yes, solar panels typically come with warranties provided by the manufacturer. These warranties can vary but commonly include a performance warranty (ensuring a certain level of energy production over a specified period) and a product warranty (covering defects or malfunctions). It’s important to review the warranty details before making a purchase and discuss them with your solar installer.
Solar energy helps save money by reducing or even eliminating monthly electricity bills. By generating your own electricity, you can rely less on utility companies and take advantage of net metering programs, where excess energy can be fed back into the grid for credits or compensation.
The payback period for a solar installation depends on various factors, such as the upfront cost, available sunlight, local electricity rates, and any applicable incentives. On average, residential solar systems have a payback period of 5 to 10 years, while commercial systems can range from 3 to 7 years.
Solar Panel Dealers in Trivandrum

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