About Us

Envisioning sustainable Energy solutions for all, we provide integrated system solutions especially in Solar Energy. We have state-of-the-art-technological solutions to harness both Electrical and Thermal energy abundant in Sunshine. We are present across the entire value chain- design, development, marketing and installation of energy devices that are efficient, sustainable, and competitive. Today, when the technology is advancing at a fast pace, SEnSOL is at its forefront with innovative solutions. We make solar energy work on customer terms!

Apart from Solar Energy Solution, we offer a wide range of Energy efficient devices for lighting as well as water heating, both of which consumes a major share of energy consumption of homes, hotels, hospitals etc. Energy saved is energy produced, we believe.

Our Strengths

  • Promoters having more than 2 decade experience in Renewable Energy & Energy conservation
  • Proven experience in delivering large scale projects
  • Strong relationship with leading vendors
  • Operational efficiency & flexibility
  • Innovative service concept
  • Excellence in service design

Business Values

Technology Partners

Being a System Integrator, SEnSOL has partnered with leading technology leaders to offer cutting-edge solutions and world class products to its clients. Our technology partners are trusted global companies who are pioneers in developing and manufacturing innovative products. Through these partnerships, we aim to provide top rated solutions that help our clients to meet their energy objectives. Our strategic partnerships reassure our clients about the credibility and reliability of our installations.