Solar Power Generator with Battery storage

Apart from residential small power plants, Institutions like Schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels Govt. offices, corporate offices etc.  have  wide opportunity to install solar power plants in their roof top to produce captive power.  Increasing demand from industrial consumers, who are suffering from inadequate power supply and high tariff rate charged by State Electricity Boards (SEBs), find captive generation as the best alternative for meeting their demand.

Product Description

The key benefits are as follows:

Financial benefits: Using solar means more assured saving over your electricity bills.

Accelerated depreciation benefits

Tax relief due to availing accelerated depreciation, under section 32 of Income Tax act

Green Efficient Building / Facility / Company: Using solar for your commercial building or industrial facility can pass the benefits to your business too.

Saving Environment: Using Solar system means reducing your power consumption from Grid that is your Power Company. Less consumption of grid from power means less use of non-renewable energy resources.

SEnSOL offers turn-key solutions for commercial power plant projects from Kilo watt to Mega watt range

  •  Solar project planning

Comprehensive planning from SEnSOL includes an experienced Project Manager, detailed designs, quality construction and a complete project schedule to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Solar project engineering

Our solar energy systems routinely outperform their energy output estimates, and, coupled with our record of being on-time and on-budget, have earned us our reputation for quality.

  • Project warrantees

We stand behind every solar energy system we sell with product and workmanship warranties

  • O&M Services Available

SEnSOL offers comprehensive O&M Services that can help ensure your system continues to produce at its optimal level for years to come. Our experienced O&M team can put together a free quote for your system to protect your solar investment


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